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Music is my refuge. I could crawl 
into the space between the notes
and curl my back to loneliness.
-Maya Angelou

A Little About Us

DaCapo Music is the premier guitar dealer for Southern Oklahoma and North Texas. You need not drive to Dallas or Oklahoma City to find that perfect guitar, we probably have it in stock, and at a great low price too.

As these photos show we have many, many guitars available. Whether you're searching for a quality starter guitar or the holy grail, guitar of a lifetime, instrument we probably have it in stock. Just as every tree is unique so is every guitar (see Guitars 101 under FAQ). If you're an advanced player we'll point you in the right direction and give you the time you need to select the perfect instrument to express your musical voice. If you're a beginner we'll provide the information you need to select the best instrument available within your budget.

Of course, we have banjos, drums, mandolins, bass guitars, amplifiers, microphones, p. a. systems, guitar straps, equalizers, accessories, and way too many great products to list, for your shopping convenience.

Even if you just need a "beginners guitar" we have a wide range of prices and all are quality "real guitars" sure to make your wallet sing. Electric or acoustic, we have the right instrument for your taste and budget. Plus we do have limited quantities of used instruments too.

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